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Gardening Ideas

Tumbled Glass has quickly become an eco friendly replacement for traditional Gavel and Garden Mulch.  Our tumbling process yields a product with virtually no sharp edges so it is safe to use in garden settings. It allows you to add a little sparkle to your garden and yards.  The product is very durable and will not decompose or fade even in the strongest sun.  It always has a fresh "almost wet" look even in the driest hottest environments.  In addition to using it to replace traditional gravel and mulch the unique nature of tumbled glass allows for some unique applications as shown below:

Note: Click the pictures below to enlarge them

Lighting Effects

Using waterproof outdoor lighting in combination with Tumbled Glass can produce unique mood lighting for garden beds and walkways.  With the surge in the use of Solar Powered LED lights these can also be a green solution to add some glitz to your yard at night and allow you to extend the use of your landscape. The animation at right gives you an idea of what can be achieved.

Water Effects

Recently the City of Riverbank CA did some landscaping to create the appearance of a river in the median of the highway.  To add the sparkle to the riverbed they used some of our glass mulch. We have had a lot of positive comments on the effect pre glass mulch provided.  You can click the photos below to see the big picture. 


Patio treatments
Here you can see the tumbled glass used on the patio of a local restaurant. The tumbled glass gives the area a little glitz and and presents a fresh clean presentation for the patio. It was a big improvement from the bare dirt and decomposed mulch that had been around the trees before.    The tumbled glass should be placed over landscape fabric to keep it from mixing with the soil as shown in the picture to the left. Below are some more pictures of this project.  You can click on any of the pictures to see them enlarged.


Note on Shipping Times:
We attempt to maintain a reasonable stock of the raw materials for our most popular items.  We also maintain a stock of already manufactured products for some of our most popular products.  Depending on the quantities ordered and the state of our stock we often have to make additional product to finish your order. This is especially likely for custom glassware and orders of garden mulch.  You should assume that it will take 2-3 weeks to ship your order.  In the rare instances where we need to purchase more raw material to finish your order shipping of your order may take more than 3 weeks. If we expect such a delay we will notify you of your order status