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Baja Blue Tumbled Glass Mulch

Baja Blue is a richer blue glass that provides a cool look for the yard or interior displays. It is made from 100% recycled glass. It has virtually no sharp edges and the vivid colors never fade or need replacing. In addition to use as landscape mulch it can also be used in as decorative aggregates in cement or terrazzo floors and counter tops, fire pits, aquariums or as decorator accents in vases or in table settings.

The pictures are intended to represent the look of the product.  Because the product is made from post consumer recycled materials there may be some minor variations in the exact color and texture of the delivered product. 

Bulk shipments of one or more colors over 250 pounds are best done by motor freight.  If you have a large project please call or email us. Depending on your needs we can usually get you a better price and can get you the best shipping rates for these purchases based on your amounts and the shipping distances. Contact us for shipments smaller than 5 pounds.

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Minimum Purchase 10 Pounds for $26.50 USD+ S&H    Calculate Shipping

$2.65 per additional pound + S&H

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Note: we have limited availability on this product. Please check with us in advance if you are planning a large purchase.

Glass handling Procedures

The glass mulch is manufactured to minimize sharp edges but it a glass product. It is possible that during shipping and handling breakage will occur resulting in sharp edges. You should always wear gloves when handling this product.

Note on Shipping Times:
We attempt to maintain a reasonable stock of the raw materials for our most popular items.  We also maintain a stock of already manufactured products for some of our most popular products.  Depending on the quantities ordered and the state of our stock we often have to make additional product to finish your order. This is especially likely for custom glassware and orders of garden mulch.  You should assume that it will take 2-3 weeks to ship your order.  In the rare instances where we need to purchase more raw material to finish your order shipping of your order may take more than 3 weeks. If we expect such a delay we will notify you of your order status