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Tall Candle Vase (Custom)

These small vases are perfect for holding a candle. They are also great for serving party snacks, nuts or deserts. You are sure to find many other uses around the home or garden. The straight cut version also makes an interesting wine or beer glass. The vase comes with up to 1/8 pound of diamond chip glass mulch as an accent. 

All of our items are handmade with recycled glass bottles.  Our raw material may have some variations as restaurants change the brand of bottled drinks they serve. Because of this there may be minor variations between our production runs.  We will insure that all items in a shipment will match.  If you return to purchase additional items (and we hope you will) here may be a, hopefully minor, variation from your previous purchase.  We apologize in advance for this inconvenience but it is the nature of our product and the way we need to do business.

We are always experimenting to improve our products.  There may be minor stylistic differences in the items you receive from those pictured.  The differences may involve minor differences in the way the base and top are cut.  as always all items in an order will be of the same style.   

The vases are dishwasher safe. As with all fine glassware we recommend using the upper shelf or low heat settings. The adhesive used is an agriculture grade that is safe for use with food or drinks.

For the top you can select a Straight cut (great for snacks, deserts or wine) or the angled Tulip cut which adds a special flair for candle burning. See examples to the right.

There are a wide selection of colors you can select for the base and top.  (see below)

Typical dimensions are 7-9 inches tall (depending on cut) and 3 inches wide

Availability: available for order   PN215   

Price: $15.00 USD each + S&H


Top Color

Top Style

Base Color


Note on Shipping Times:
We attempt to maintain a reasonable stock of the raw materials for our most popular items.  We also maintain a stock of already manufactured products for some of our most popular products.  Depending on the quantities ordered and the state of our stock we often have to make additional product to finish your order. This is especially likely for custom glassware and orders of garden mulch.  You should assume that it will take 2-3 weeks to ship your order.  In the rare instances where we need to purchase more raw material to finish your order shipping of your order may take more than 3 weeks. If we expect such a delay we will notify you of your order status