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Special Promotions

We will occasionally have items that we are closing out.  We also will have items where we made only a few of them because we got just a few of a special bottle.  Because these items are here today and gone tomorrow we do not like to list them for sale on the web site.  We do show them here.  If you are interested in an item please contact us to see if it is still available. 



No current promotions  but be sure to check back

Note on Shipping Times:
We attempt to maintain a reasonable stock of the raw materials for our most popular items.  We also maintain a stock of already manufactured products for some of our most popular products.  Depending on the quantities ordered and the state of our stock we often have to make additional product to finish your order. This is especially likely for custom glassware and orders of garden mulch.  You should assume that it will take 2-3 weeks to ship your order.  In the rare instances where we need to purchase more raw material to finish your order shipping of your order may take more than 3 weeks. If we expect such a delay we will notify you of your order status